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  • Interested in old Capoeiragem?

    21.11.2020 by

    I apologize for not writing on this blog very often (or at all :-); but it was never really meant to be a full-fledged blog, more like a little companion to my website (, where I can write small notes when I so choose (the important stuff ends up on my pages as an article).… Read more

  • Stealth Bençao

    6.7.2020 by

    I published another interesting technique of old Bahian capoeiragem – Stealth bençao: If you study my ‘fundamentals’ module, you can test your mastery of it by learning Stealth bençao; as the kick combines all the three fundamentals into one: 1)it starts from proper Bahian ginga(Monkey+Seduction1)2)it uses Nemer for the wind-up3)it uses LightLegs for the… Read more

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